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Craftica is a creative sandbox game with ultra high degrees of freedom for building. It supports deformable subvoxels at multiple scales so that smoother objects can be built in more realistic scales, and makes it possible to build elegant architectures. An additional batch mode is also supported to make building large structures much easier.

Craftica provides a large number of electronic and mechanical as well as other related device items, allowing players to build sophisticated circuits and circuit-controlled electronic and mechanical devices. Players can even build vehicles, aircrafts, robots and computers etc. high-tech objects from items as basic as logical gates.

Craftica is now available on Steam:

Craftica has been developed by Limin Fu ( since later 2017. At the end of 2018 the developer founded Shenzhen Craftao Technology Co., Ltd. to facilitate the publication of this game on Steam.

Craftica was released as Early Access on Steam in March 2020, and has been improved constantly ever since. The current state of Craftica is much better than that of the initial release, and given the current progress, it should reach a full release around later 2023 or mid 2024.

Contact: fulimin [AT] craftao [D0T] com




《匠造奇境》 由傅利民(从2017年末开始开发。 为了方便在Steam上发布本游戏,开发者于2018年底成立 深圳匠道启智科技有限公司

《匠造奇境》抢先体验版于2020年3月在Steam上发布。 从此之后,本游戏持续地被开发改进,并更新发布。 游戏当前的状态已远好于最初发布抢先体验版时的状态。 按目前的开发进展,《匠造奇境》应该可以在2023年底或2024年中作正式发布。

联系: fulimin [AT] craftao [D0T] com

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